Here at Nino Travagli Photography we specialise in photographing people of all ages, from tiny new born babies to great great grandmas and grandads. We offer any combination from single children to groups of up to 14 and even pets! We have different children's themed shoots such as cake smash, smash & splash and art & splash to add variety and lots of fun for your family.  

Whilst the vast majority of our work takes place at our multi-studio premises in Hull, we also do weddings, location shoots, and other events on request.

Frog 2
Mid 1
white box 1
Mat 27
sam hicks 20x20 natural collage  10x8 mp  _DSC5707
PS 2
Swing 2
driftwood 3
Mat 17
Barrell 1
Swing 3
Sunflower 3
bean bag back 2
Mat 4
Blue Box 1
Stood 1
teacup 3
Rainbow 1
sam hicks 10x8 mp   _DSC5612
Grey tub 1
Mustard Peaky 1
moon 1
Sibling 6
Jungle 2
Vintage 1