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Meet the Team

Here at Nino Travagli Photography we have an ever growing team of experienced staff. Each of which play a vital part in all aspects of a shoot, from the first message to us, right to you seeing the finished pictures and receiving your products. Take a look below to see some of the friendly faces you might see during your experience with us.

Nino Travagli

Company Director

Nino specializes in newborn and wedding photography and has photographed over 2000 babies!

Fun Facts about Nino:

- Branded as "the baby whisperer"

- If he's not at work he's probably on his bike.

Claire Tock

Company Director

Claire is the friendly face that greets customers at the studio and manages our social media and booking systems. She keeps the studio running behind the scenes.

Fun Facts about Claire:

- Refuses to have a digital diary, paper until she retires.

- Loves her family and her dogs

Georgia Travagli

Newborn Photographer

Georgia specializes in newborn and infant photography and has worked as a photographer with us for over 6 years!

Fun Facts about Georgia:

- Basically Nino the 2nd

- Loves going to the cinema

Lewis Danby-Shippey

Editor & Photographer

Lewis started with us as an apprentice and now runs our tech department. Lewis is also our 2nd wedding photographer.

Fun Facts about Lewis:

- Rampant workaholic

- Currently learning to speak Italian

Amber Wick


Amber has a degree in media production, specialising in photography. She has worked in photography studios for over 3 years.

Fun Facts about Amber:

- Holiday addict and spendaholic

- Loves going on long walks with her dogs.

Ruby Field

Editor & Photographer

Ruby has worked at the studio for over a year, starting as a studio technician and has recently jumped into the role of being a photographer.

Fun Facts about Ruby:

- Loves dogs

- The party starter

Poppy Travagli

Studio Technician and Receptionist

If you visit us on a weekend you will probably be greeted by Poppy's friendly smile. She makes an amazing cuppa!

Fun Facts about Poppy:

- The baby of the team

- Loves going out with her friends

Angel Paul

Studio Technician

Angel is a key member of our team, you will usually see her in newborn photoshoots.

Fun Facts about Angel:

- Loves going to concerts and gigs

- Can speak Japanese

Rachelle Longbone

Studio Technician

Rachelle has worked at the studio as a tech for over 2 years.

Fun Facts about Rachelle:

- Queen of organising

- Loves cats

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