Covid -19 Corona-virus Update

Hi everyone please read all the way through as this post is quite lengthy and contains important information to note if you have a session booked with us

We've been reopened for a few months now Initially we started with sessions such as smash + splash which allowed us to maintain the 2 metre social distance requirements and as government restrictions were lifted a little we were able to recommence newborns/infants and babies under 8 months also still keeping a safe distance of 1 metre +, keeping contact to an absolute minimum and using endless amounts of hand sanitiser and ppe

We are truly thrilled to be back doing what we love and feel we are now in a regular routine with our new extra safe working practices. and feel very confident with the "new normal" We would like to thank all customers for all your support and patience with the rearranging of all appointments, for bearing with us while we adjust to this new way or working and for all being very respectful and adhering to social distancing to keep us all safe ...We want to say a great big thank you for all your support ...for choosing us, for trusting us and believing in us

For customers who are booked with us we want you to know we will continue to follow all government guidelines to maintain the strict steps to ensure our business remains COVID-19 secure. Yours and your families safety is our utmost priority

Please carry on reading below for important information to note before you have your session with us. More detailed information will be sent out on a message before your session/appointment


If you have experienced any covid symptoms within the last 14 days or live with someone experiencing those symptoms then please contact us to rearrange your appointment Following new government guidelines face coverings will need to be worn on arrival and throughout your visit. Face coverings can of course be removed if you are having your photos taken and not just accompanying someone who is. Staff will be wearing face coverings throughout your visit


All customers and staff will have their temperature taken upon arrival using an infrared non contact thermometer There is a sanitising station in the lobby...we will ask you to sanitise your hands


Please arrive for your appointment at your time and not earlier. We unfortunately will not be able to let you come in earlier at the moment as we have planned our time slots very thoroughly so as to fit in around our other appointments, to avoid any overlaps and to allow cleaning /sanitising between customers


Up to 6 people maximum to attend the shoot...but we really would prefer as few people in the room as possible. Most of our toys will not be available at the moment so please feel free to bring along your child's favourite toy... and a snack if you would like to


We are happy to offer drinks but can only offer you bottled water and hot drinks in disposable cups at this time Enhanced cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures...all equipment and props used in a shoot will be washed, sanitised and/or steamed cleaned between all shoots. All high contact surfaces will be regularly sanitised throughout the day.


We are taking careful steps to maintain a 1m+ distance throughout the building and all appointments for shoots and viewings will be spaced carefully


PPE ...All public areas and studios will have hand sanitiser readily available (hand soap in the toilets) Staff will all be wearing face coverings and will be regularly washing and sanitising their hands throughout their shift.


Newborn, infant and sessions for babies under 8 months will involve close contact with your baby but we will be taking all necessary precautions including regular use of hand sanitiser and also continually wearing a face covering We will be posing your baby during the session but will keep the contact to a minimum. We will ask parents to place the baby on the prop/bean bag etc and will pass the baby to you for change of outfit etc


SHOOT LIMITATIONS So although we are now able to offer a great range of shoots we do still have some restrictions for the time being and cannot offer


Sessions with more than 6 people


Sessions with children who are not of an age to understand social distancing. This mostly applies for older toddlers/younger children who may not understand instruction to remain on the backdrop/stay with parents etc and would naturally want to move about the studio. It may also apply to households with more than one young child wanting to book a session.


For sessions such as smash and splash this doesn't apply as we do ask a parent to sit by the backdrop and place the baby back if need be.


Thank you for reading



Here at Nino Travagli Photography we specialise in photographing people of all ages, from tiny new born babies to great great grandmas and grandads. We offer any combination from single children to groups of up to 20. We have different children's themed shoots such as cake smash, smash & splash and art & splash to add variety and lots of fun for your family.  

And let's not forget the pets! With our popular purpose built pet studio we offer great value shoots for all your furry friends.

Whilst the vast majority of our work takes place at our multi-studio premises in Hull, we do offer location and event shoots on request.


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